Ozarks provides students with diverse and enriching off-campus opportunities. Faculty, staff or students taking others off campus during official university functions should ask yourself the following 2 questions, and complete the steps provided at least a week prior to the event:
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Q1 - Will your event travel beyond Clarksville city limits?

     | |- NO? Then no further documentation is required. Proceed no further.
     | |- YES? Then ▶ email a completed Event Plan (below) to Cyrus Smith, Director of Public Safety.

Ozarks Event Plan  (Open, Select All, Copy/Paste into Email)

Q2 - Will you travel cross-country (e. g. hiking, climbing, paddling, etc.)
          or beyond state lines (domestic or international)?

     | |- NO? Then ▶ share event plan with students, having students sign Basic Risk Acknowledgement (below)

Ozarks Acknowledgement Basic (Download & Print Copies Needed)

     | |- YES? Then ▶ have students complete the Health History (below),

Ozarks Health History (Download & Print Copies Needed)

                        and ▶ make Health Histories accessible to a WFR present on the event,

Contact bstevenson@ozarks.edu for help securing a WFR.

                        and ▶ share event plan with students, having students sign the appropriate Risk Acknowledgement (below)... 

Hiking, Camping, Backpacking  (Download & Print Copies Needed)
Climbing, Bouldering, Rappelling  (Download & Print Copies Needed)
Canoeing, Kayaking, Rafting, Paddleboarding  (Download & Print Copies Needed)
Biology, Ecology, Environmental Studies (Download & Print Copies Needed)
Mountain Biking Forthcoming
Internship, Practicum, Student Teaching Forthcoming
Interstate Forthcoming
International Forthcoming

In the event of an emergency during any event...

      ▶ Contact the appropriate emergency response for the area. NOTE: 911 may not be available in some US or international areas.

      ▶ Support emergency response personnel, including WFR in remote areas.

      ▶ Contact the Department of Public Safety at 479-979-1425 at the first reasonable opportunity.

A follow up email will be generated after the dates provided to inquire whether or not any incidents occurred during this event. Return all signed and completed Health Histories and Risk Acknowledgements to the Department of Public Safety. Documents provided are subject to change; please return to this site for the most current version. Contact csmith@ozarks.edu or jscaccia@ozarks.edu for more information or to answer any questions.